A concert is not and should not be monopolised by sound. It is of course its primary element, but TETTTIΞ acknowledges the fact that the stage presence is very important. For that reason, TETTTIΞ collaborates with artists from other disciplines – theatre, dance, architecture, light design, cinema etc. – in order to design and realise projects that shape unified spectacles. In its projects the music works are chosen to draw a dramaturgy that is revealed together with the other arts.


In collaboration with stage director Anastasia Chintzoglou

metallic impurities

Iannis Xenakis · Kassandra (1987)
Metallica “Battery” · arr. for TETTTIΞ by N. Galenianos (2019)
Stamatis Pasopoulos · Havasí (2017)
Beat Furrer · Ira-Arka (2012)
Dmitri Kourliandski · Inside the movement (2004)
Ofir Klemperer · A love song (2007)

forces · 13 performers (conductor, baritone, fl, cl, bsn, sax, acc, hrp, gtr, pno, 2 perc, dbass)
special guest · Ofir Klemperer
concept, realisation · A. Chintzoglou, M. Paraskakis, N. Ioakeim
artistic direction, programming · S. Pasopoulos, N. Ioakeim, M. Paraskakis
lights · Eleni Choumou

stage design & direction · Anastasia Chintzoglou

coming 18+19 Oct 2019 at Onassis Stegi

To mark the 30th anniversary of Giacinto Scelsi’s death, ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ stages an ambient performance, during which the spectators are left free to immerse themselves in the music or simply to follow it from a distance. Every composer calls forth different expressive means: imperceptible changes made by increasing or decreasing the density of the musical material or emphasizing a particular sound colour and instrumental register.

Guided by the music’s atmosphere, its ‘minimalist’ aesthetic and its impact, which moves between the hypnotic and the stimulating, Panagiotis Tomaras plays with the fundamental qualities of light. Using reflections and gradations of intensity and colour, he weaves subtle optical illusions and creates a singular environment for each work.

immersion in sound & light

Brian Eno · On Land (3 parts) · arr. for TETTTIΞ by M. Paraskakis (2018)
Giacinto Scelsi · Okanagon (1968), Maknongan (1976)
Zesses Seglias · Let the music go down (2013)
Nikos Ioakeim · Væsanus! (2014)
Peter Adriaansz · Fraction (2011)
Michalis Paraskakis · Skostok (2015/18)

forces · 11 performers (baritone, fl, cl, bsn, sax, acc, hrp, gtr, pno, perc, dbass)
concept, realisation · M. Paraskakis
artistic direction, programming · K. Konstantourou, N. Ioakeim, M. Paraskakis
conductor · Konstantinos Terzakis
sound engineer · Brian Coon

light & stage design · Panagiotis Tomaras



Louis Andriessen · Workers Union (1975)
Fausto Romitelli · Trash TV Trance (2002)
James Tenney · Having never written a note for percussion (1971)
Peter Adriaansz · Fraction (2011)
Johann Sebastian Bach / TETTTIΞ · Invention
TETTTIΞ · Improvisation(s)
S. Pasopoulos, M. Paraskakis, N. Galenianos · Electronic sound events

forces · 6 performers (fl, bsn, sax, gtr, pno, perc)
concept, realisation, artistic direction, programming · N. Galenianos, P. Ziavras
sound engineer · N. Galenianos
light · M. Paraskakis


Adriaansz Peter · Fraction [2011] amplified sax, el. guitar, qanun, santur
Andriessen Louis · Workers Union [1975] open ensemble

Eno Brian · 3 parts from ‘On Land’ [1978-82, arr. TETTTIΞ by M. Paraskakis, 2018]

Furrer Beat · Ira-Arca [2012] flute and double bass

Ioakeim Nikos · Væsanus! [2014] 7 instruments

Klemperer Ofir · A love song [2011] open ensemble
Kourliandski Dmitri · Inside the movement [2004] harp, percussion, piano, double bass

Lapidakis Michalis · Howl [2010] accordion, el. guitar, saxophone

Metallica · Battery [1986, arr. for TETTTIΞ by N. Galenianos, 2019]

Papageogiou Dimitri · Intrascalings [2014] clarinet, marimba, double bass
Paraskakis Michalis · Skostok [2015/18] 10 instruments
Paraskakis Michalis · L’ arrivée [2018] saxophone, el. guitar, piano, percussion
Pasopoulos Stamatis · Havasí [2018] flute & 10 instruments

Saunders Rebecca · Quartet [1998] clarinet, accordion, piano, double bass
Scelsi Giacinto · Okanagon [1968] harp, tam-tam, double bass
Seglias Zesses · Let the music go down [2013] for 5 instruments

Troiani Lorenzo · Cratere a calice. Figure rosse [2013] accordion, el. guitar

Xenakis Iannis · Kassandra [1987] baritone, percussion

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